Welcome to my First Post!

Hello readers;

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my first blog.  I hope you will become a regular visitor.  I will be writing  from my heart,  with lots of research, background checks, and knowledge thrown in, and above all else honesty.  My interests are on health, our environment, the world we live in, and how we take care of it. I am passionate about the air we breath, the chemicals we put in our food and products, and living as naturally as we can in a busy, hectic world.

I speak with the unfortunate knowledge of one suffering from severe reactions to our environment, and the chemicals in our daily lives.  I no longer work at an office or eat dinner out at restaurants on Friday nights, because of perfumes and artificial fragrances in the clothes, deodorant, shampoos, hairsprays, etc that other people wear.  We become so obsessed with “smelling good” that we don’t realize we are using chemicals that are made to “smell” like a flower or fragrance, and it is being absorbed into our skin the second we put it on our bodies.  After  years of applying such “fragrances” to our skin your body can build up an intolerance to these chemicals (as mine did), and you can develop sensitivities, allergies,  chronic coughs, or other bad reactions such as rashes to these chemicals and VOCs.

After years of suffering, I have learned to cope, work around, and jump some of the hurdles  in my road and I am hoping this blog will help me overcome more as well as assist others like me, who are just developing sensitivities due to chemical fragrances and  a medical condition named Upper Respiratory Hypersensitivity Syndrome and a “medical diagnosis” of “Chemical Fragrance Allergy or sensitivity”.  There is an interesting article about this sensitivity at webmd.com.

I am not going to be addressing the actual conditions here but solutions and work-arounds to help you live and cope with the changes these illnesses cause in your life.  I will share with you my story (including some of the painful parts), in the hope that it will help you or a loved one get though tough times in your life.

Just to give you a time-line, it has taken me five and a half years to get to a point where I can share this story with you.  I want this experience to be a life-line for you.  There are options available.  There are organic and wild-crafted essential oils that you can buy, but you have to be careful and shop wisely.  I have stumbled upon a few “pure” essential oils that were NOT so pure and I had severe reactions to them just being in the same room with me once they were opened.

I hope to see you again soon, and if you  have comments or questions please feel free to leave them and I will be sure to follow up on them.



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